Previous Astronomical League Award Winners



Year of Award Honoree                     Thumbnail Biography of Honoree
1951 Albert H. Ingalls Father of amateur astronomy; author; telescope maker.
1952 Walter H. Haas Director of Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers (ALPO).
1953 Charles A. Federer, Jr. Charter member of the Astronomical League; Editor-in-Chief of Sky & Telescope Magazine for many years.
1954 Dr. H. Percy Wilkins Professional Astronomer; England; author.
1954 Dr. Armand Spitz Lecturer and general benefactor of amateur astronomy. Initiated the Moon Watch program beginning space age.
1955 Carl P. Richards Pioneer in northwest for Astronomical League members; author of history of the Astronomical League.
1956 Dr. Harlow Shapley Author; lecturer; scientist; head of Harvard School of Science for many years.
1956 Miss Charlie M. Noble Teacher; benefactor and observer extending assistance to junior amateurs especially.
1957 None  
1958 Clarence E. Johhnson Published monthly newsletter for very young amateur astronomers and was Junior Chairman for many years.
1959 Grace Scholz Spitz Charter member of the Astronomical League; Executive Secretary and President, and general benefactor of amateurs.
1960 None  
1961 None  
1962 Robert Cox Writes column in Sky & Telescope magazine; master telescope maker.
1963 Wilma A. Cherup Served as Executive Secretary of the Astronomical League for twenty-three years.
1964 Margaret W. Mayall Director of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO).
1965 G. R. (Bob) Wright Charter member of the Astronomical League; served in many offices and conventions.
1966 None  
1967 Norman Edmund Published Astronomical League's Newsletter and provided assistance to amateurs.
1968 Leslie Peltier Author; observer; inspiration for amateur astronomers.
1969 Leonard Pardue Served as Astronomical League Treasurer for eleven years.
1970 Russell C. Maag Worked for the Astronomical League in many offices; edited one of the Astronomical League's Observe manuals.
1971 Ralph K. Dakin Performed amateur astronomy help; President of the Astronomical League; lecturer.
1972 Edward Halbach First elected President of the Astronomical League.
1973 None  
1974 Walter Scott Houston Writes column in Sky & Telescope magazine; avid observer; has own observatory
1975 ?  
1976 ?  
1977 William and Cathryn DuVall Bill: former A.L. president, telescope builder and observer; Cathryn: A.L. Secretary and Historian.
1978 ?  
1979 None  
1980 ?  
1981 Dr. David Dunham Researcher in occultations, founder of I.O.T.A.
1982 Clyde Tombaugh Discoverer of Pluto; amateur and professional astronomer and optician
1983 Roger Tuthill Astronomy promoter, product designer, and telescope builder.
1983 Ted Young Telescope builder; hardworking office-holder on local, regional and national level; promoter of a planetarium for Spokane, WA.
1984 Dr. Douglas Hall Studied RS CanVen variables; promoted amateur photoelectric photometry; co-founder of I.A.P.P.P.
1985 Clifford Holmes Riverside Telescope Makers Conference founder and chairman for many years.
1986 None  
1987 ?  
1988 Rollin P. Van Zandt Former A.L. president, observer, astronomy promoter and telescope builder.
1989 Don Parker Mars observer and CCD planetary imager par excellance.
1990 Janet Mattei Director, AAVSO, promotes amateur participation in variable star observing.
1991 Mrs. Virginia Lipphard Enouraged young people to participate in astronomy; Mentor to six professional astronomers and three Westinghouse winners; past regional chair and society president and three-time League convention organizer.
1992 Dr. David L. Crawford Founder of the International Dark Sky Association
1993 Dr. Andrew Fraknoi Work in astronomy education; Executive      Director of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
1994 Jack Horkheimer "The Star Hustler" for his tireless efforts to promote astronomy through his television show.
1995 Dr. John E. Westfall Director of A.L.P.O.; Lunar Recorder; Jupiter Recorder; Editor of of The Journal of the A.L.P.O.
1996 Dr. John R. Percy Support of amateur astronomy; Editor of RASC Observer's Handbook for 10 year; Editor of AAVSO PEP Newsletter
1997 None  
1998 Dr. J. Richard Gott III Relativistic Theorist; Former amateur astronomer; Professor of Astrophysics, Princeton Univ.; Chief of Judges, Westinghouse Science Talent Search
1999 Dr. Frank Bash Director, The McDonald Observatory
President, A.S.P
2000 Don Trombino  
2001 None  
2002 Richard Berry  
2003 Dr. Tim Hunter  
2004 John F. Martin, V