NGC 7049

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NGC 7049 image from NASA Hubble Space Telescope







The Hubble Space Telescope image of NGC 7049 in the southern sky constellation of Indus.  NGC 7049 is the "brightest" of the Indus triplet of galaxies (NGC 7029, 7041,  7049).  Bright Cluster Galaxies are among the most massive galaxies in the universe and are also the oldest.  They provide astronomers the opportunity of studying the many globulars contained within them.

NGC 7049 is hybrid galaxy, it  is somewhat like an elliptical and somewhat like spiral.  It also unusual in that remarkable dust lanes can be seen swirling about its bright central core. Generally these are seen in much younger galaxies with star forming regions.

Image Credit: NASA, ESA and W. Harris (McMaster University, Ontario, Canada)