Our Association is an international group of students that study the Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, meteors, and comets. Our goals are to stimulate, coordinate, and generally promote the study of these bodies using methods and instruments that are available within the communities of both amateur and professional astronomers. We hold a conference each summer, usually in conjunction with other astronomical groups.

We have “sections” for the observation of all the types of bodies found in our Solar System. Section Coordinators collect and study submitted observations, correspond with observers, encourage beginners, and contribute reports to our Journal at appropriate intervals. Each Coordinator can supply observing forms and other instructional material to assist in your telescopic work. You are encouraged to correspond with the Coordinators in whose projects you are interested. Coordinators can be contacted through our web site via email or at their postal mail addresses listed in back of our Journal.


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Please take note that you are required to Register for the Alcon 2012 event in order to attend the ALPO.