Mike Simmons, President, Astronomers Without Borders
Dr. Donald Parker, ALPO, Planetary Astrophotographer
Dr. Dave Crawford, Co-founder IDA (remote presentation)
Wally Pacholka, TWAN, Landscape Astrophotographer
Dr. Jason Steffen, Kepler Mission Scientist
Dr. Mark Hammergren, Adler Asteroid Expert
Dr. Philipp Heck, Field Museum Meteorite Curator
Dr. Hasan Padamsee, Physics Professor/Playwright, Cornell Univ.
Vivian Hoette, Astronomy Educator at Yerkes Observatory
Jeff Talman, Artist, Star Sound Installation, “Nature of the Night Sky”
Dr. David Blask, Expert in circadian disruption/cancer/light pollution
David Eicher, Editor-in-Chief, Astronomy Magazine