Sue Rose, “Teaching Astronomy Through the Computer Manipulation of Digital Astrophotographs:  Thinking Outside the Box”

Everyone has seen the beautiful photos released by NASA. Let’s take those and use them to help teach astronomy. The new educational emphasis on STEM lets us, as amateur astronomers, fit right in with the multidisciplinary curriculum. Our club, the Amateur Observers’ Society of New York, took a gamble and applied for a grant. They loved it. You can learn what we did and how we did it.

I’ve been an amateur astronomer most of my life, since my great-grandmother chastised my Mom for letting me gaze upon the Moon at age 2. Nearly 40 years has been spent with the Amateur Observers’ Society of NY, the last 25 on the board. I’m also involved with all of our club outreach activities (AL Master award), Young Astronomers program, Night Sky Network and Project Astro, along with being the Regional Representative for NERAL and the Caldwell Observing Program Chair. It’s a good thing I’m retired because there aren’t enough hours in the day — or night!