Chimney Rock National Monument Special Event

Event date: 

Fri Jul 28, 2017 06:00 pm to 11:00 pm MDT

Location of event: 

Chimney Rock National Monument 81147 Pagosa Springs , CO
United States
Colorado US

Our Solar System

Timed fro when the moon is present in the sky but not fully illuminated, this program enables us to enjoy the night sky unimpeded by artificial lighting or the brightness of a full moon, and see many of the brighter objects that are visible. The moon is especially enjoyable to view through a telescope because features near the terminator (the boundary between the lit and unlit portions of the moon) stand out in particularly high in contrast and are easy to discern.

Held at Chimney Rock National Monument at an elevation of 7400 feet, a brief discussion will proceed the viewing, telling a archaeoastronomy story of the ancient puebloans who observed the lunar standstills every 18.6 years through the two monolithic rocks of Chimney Rock and Companion Rock..

No charge for individuals bringing their own telescope for sharing with other participants.

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