June Reflector - digital edition is available

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The June digital edition of the Reflector Magazine is now available online. If you are currently a member of an Astronomy League affiliated club, patron member, lifetime member, or a member-at-large you were sent an email notice on May 31st at about 12:15 pm. 

If you did not receive a notice it was most likely because

  • we do not have an email address for you yet
  • the email address we have is incorrect
  • your internet service provider marked the notice as spam
  • you have opted out of receiving the digital additon

The June issue and older digital issues of the Reflector are available online at the members.astroleague.org website. If you do not already have an account you may request one on the members webserver at https://members.astroleague.org/request_account . Enter your email address and press the "Send account information" button near the bottom of the page.  In a few minutes you should receive an email with instructions and a link to create your account.

The postal edition of Reflector Magazine have been sent out for delivery. If you have subscribed to the postal edition you should receive it sometime in the next several days. Members of the Astronomical League may elect to receive the digital edition, postal edition, or both. You may contact your club ALCor or treasurer to let them know your preference if you have not already done so.