Want to complete more Observing Programs?

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Have you ever wanted to start and complete more of the Astronomical League’s observing programs but just didn’t know how? Mike Hotka’s new book, Exploring Amateur Astronomy – Goal Oriented Observing, will not only help you start more observing programs, but will also share an observing methodology to help you get more out of your observing sessions. Mike is a Platinum Master Observer and has completed all but four of the currently existing observing programs. In his book, he shares tips and tricks he learned throughout the years of how to overcome some of these program’s learning curves, so that you can start recording observations sooner. He wrote this book because of his love of astronomy and his desire to share his knowledge of observing celestial objects with others.

Mike’s book explains the concept of setting SMART goals to ensure you observe on a regular basis. The book goes on to explain a methodology that Mike has developed and refined over the years of how to plan an observing session, find the resources you will need in the field and the importance of keeping a good observing log of your observations. 

The remainder of the book contains a chapter for each of the observing programs that Mike has completed. These chapters describe how Mike approached each observing program and he shares the techniques that were effective in completing the observations for each program. With this knowledge, you will be able to start making observations from the very beginning for even the most difficult of observing programs.

This book emphasizes learning and refining astronomical observing techniques. It is designed to aid the beginner as well as the experienced amateur astronomer to train their eye to see faint celestial objects. This book is dedicated to those that would like to start and complete more Astronomical League observing programs.

Exploring Amateur Astronomy – Goal Oriented Observing can be purchased in a paperback or eBook version from Amazon.com.