1998-1999 Apparition

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Apparition Calendar     (All times U. T.)

October 1998

Day         Event
06 16h Mars 0.9°N of Regulus
16 04h Mars 1.0°N of Moon

November 1998

Day         Event
09        Mars greatest hel. latitude S.
13 18h Mars 0.5°S of Moon

December 1998

Day         Event
12 08h Mars 1.8°S of Moon
16        Mars at aphelion

January 1999

Day         Event
08 22h Mars 4°N of Spica
29        Mars N summer solstice

February 1999

Day         Event
07 04h Mars 3°S of Moon

March 1999

Day         Event
07 02h Mars 3°S of Moon
18        Mars stationary

April 1999

Day         Event
03 08h Mars 3°S of Moon
24 18h Mars at opposition
29 21h Mars 4°S of Moon

May 1999

Day         Event
01 17h Mars nearest to Earth (0.578 AU)
26        Mars at descending node
29 11h Mars 5°S of Moon

June 1999

Day         Event
22 20h Mars 6°S of Moon

July 1999

Day         Event
20 22h Mars 7°S of Moon
31        Martian N autumnal equinox

August 1999

Day         Event
18 12h Mars 7°S of Moon

September 1999

Day         Event
06        Mars near Delta Sco.
16 10h Mars 7°S of Moon
17 07h Mars 3°N of Antares

October 1999

Day         Event
15 13h Mars 5°S of Moon
30        Mars at greatest hel. latitude S.

November 1999

Day         Event
13 16h Mars 3°S of Moon
25        Mars at perihelion
28 14h Mars 1.7°S of Neptune

December 1999

Day         Event
12 19h Mars 0.6°S of Moon
14 05h Mars 0.7°S of Uranus
25        Martian N winter solstice

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