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This site has been closed as of September 1, 1999. Mars is receding from the Earth and shrinking in size. This makes it very difficult to observe the planet. The MarsWatch site will be archived. We will not be deleting this site for the foreseeable future.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making MarsWatch a success this apparition. The quantity and quality of images received are remarkable, to say the least.


The International MarsWatch is a group founded by amateur and professional astronomers more than 30 years ago to facilitate better communication between the amateur and professional Mars observing communities. Here you will find images of Mars contributed by amateurs and professional, tools to aid you in planning your own Mars observations, current and past issues of the International Mars Watch Electronic Newsletter, and links to other Mars-relevant sites on the Internet. The primary purpose of this project is frequent CCD imaging of Mars using B,V,R or other standard filters and visual drawings and photos in order to monitor the planet's atmospheric dust and cloud activity.

The upcoming apparition (1999) is particularly important because the U.S. Orbiter (Mars Global Surveyor) will start regular imaging during this time. In addition, the orbiter will be in a low sun-synchronous polar orbit, so it will only "see" the surface of Mars around 2 a.m. and 2 p.m. local time (the rest of the planet is over the horizon), so quality ground-based observations are needed in order to place these single-time-of-day orbiter views of the planet as well as the single-location lander data, into a global context.

Poster's note: All submissions will be added to the MarsWatch ftp Archive exactly as submitted. For display on the MarsWatch website, submissions may be edited for size, duplication, text position, etc. Submissions will be archived at various sites on the Internet and may be published at a later time. We urge any researcher using this information to credit all observers who's work has contributed to your research.

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Mars albedo Map - 97

1997 Mars Albedo Map by Dan Troiani, ALPO Mars Section Head Coordinator.

This map was assembled using CCD images, videos, drawing and photos taken during the 1997 Mars apparition by observers of the ALPO International Mars Patrol and MarsWatch '97. I used the program Photoshop 4 and over 1,700 observations to create this maps, first in greyscale. Then, using the greyscale map as a reference, I made the color map. This is an telescopic view so South is on top with North on the bottom. The following limb is on the right side. The very bright area to the bottom (North) is the North Polar Cap (NPC), the white areas are clouds and the blue patch over Syrtis Major is the "Blue Syrtis Cloud".

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