Al Council Adopts New Observing Programs and Awards

The AL Council met at the AstroCon in Casper, and adopted additional Observing Awards and Programs.  Details will be announced as the web pages are developed and released.  These are those that were adopted:

Beyond Polaris Observing Program - This is a program for the novice observer; those new to astronomy.  It is similar to the Sky Puppies Observing Program for youth.  Although the Observing Program was already adopted, the Council approved pins for this program.

2017 Eclipse Special Award

The clock is running.  The deadline for submission of the 2017 Solar Eclipse Special Observing Award is September 21, 2017; one month after the eclipse.  I hope that you all had a wonderful eclipse and success in taking pictures.  Go to the Award's web page to see the detailed requirements:

Remember that there are three options to include those who were not able to photograph the eclipse personally.

Observing Program Awards Database

We use the database to determine when people have earned various levels in the Master Observer Progression; from Observer to Platinum.  We have noticed that some of you have more than one form of your name in the on-line database.  Please help us by checking your awards and send me an email ( if you have more than one form.  If they all have the same form of your name, then no need to email.

For example:  Aaron Clevenson, Aaron B. Clevenson, Dr. Aaron Clevenson, Aaron Clevenson Jr., or Erin Clevenson.