A Total Eclipse of the sun is coming!


ASTROCON 2017 (ALCon 2017) registrations are coming in daily. League club members who want to attend should register soon, so as to not miss this opportunity. Hotel and motel accommodations are booking quickly for this event!

Please go to the event website at http://astrocon2017.astroleague.org, then go to the “Registration” tab to complete your online registration.

The MARS region of the Astronomical League is helping to plan ASTROCON 2017 in the days leading up to the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.  Volunteers from various clubs in the Utah, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado are actively involved helping to plan and coordinate this event. This will be a major outreach opportunity for amateur astronomy……a total solar eclipse!

ASTROCON 2017 is collaborating with and supporting the Wyoming Eclipse Fest to help educate and support the many eclipse chasers that will descend upon Casper for AMERICA’s GREAT ECLIPSE!  Casper lies directly on the centerline of the moon’s shadow and has excellent weather prospects for a clear, dry eclipse day.

Astronomical League Website:  www.astroleague.org

Event Website:  astrocon2017.astroleague.org (Please go to the “Registration” tab)

Eclipse Information:  www.eclipse2017.org (Look under “Community Links” and then “What some places are doing”)

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Globular Cluster Observing Program for Imagers!


The Astronomical League's Observing Program Team is excited to announce that an option has been added to the Globular Cluster Observing Program to accept submissions done by imagers.  There is now a certificate for Imaging as well as Visual Observing.  Both certificates can be earned, but only one pin will be issued.

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March 2016 Digital Reflector Announcement has been sent


Announcement of the March 2016 digital edition of the Reflector has been emailed to all members.  If you did not receive the announcement it is probably because:

  • Your email service provider has marked email from the League as spam
  • We do not have an email address for you
  • The email address we have for you is not valid 

If you did not receive a notice and you are a member of an affiliated club or a member-at-large, honorary or lifetime member send me an email  to webmaster@astroleague.org .

Let me know the name of your local club name (or MAL) and first and last name and a current email and I'll update your information.



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Help the one organization dedicated to protecting dark skies



Bob Gent Past president, International Dark-Sky Association; Past president, Astronomical League


Do you enjoy a beautiful night sky? Well of course you do, or you wouldn't be receiving a copy of this magazine. Have you ever spent money on our hobby? I am guessing the answer is yes. In my case, I have built an observatory, and I have bought a lot of telescopes and other astronomical equipment. The point is that many of us spend a lot on astronomy.

If we are spending money on astronomy, then shouldn't we also be helping the one organization that protects our night sky? There is only one organization totally dedicated to night sky protection. That's the International Dark-Sky Association.

Of the many thousands of people who are amateur astronomers, how many are members of the International Dark-Sky Association? This is the really shocking answer: very few, perhaps less than a few hundred. Do you find this distressing? Well, I for one find it unbelievable and profoundly disappointing.

We are all facing a global emergency. It's the explosion of bad LED lighting. These are high glare and overly bright street lights, parking lot lights, and a rapid installation of thousands of new LED signs and billboards. Many do not comply with IDA's newly updated Fixture Seal of Approval program. Thank goodness, IDA is leading the charge to help us.

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The Astronomical League's Horkheimer Youth Awards 2016 — Prepare Now!


Wouldn't it be great to be young again and to be entering amateur astronomy! Now is 
the time to start considering the Astronomical League's Horkheimer Youth awards for 
2016: the two Jack Horkheimer Youth Service Awards, the Horkheimer/Parker Youth 
Imaging Award, and the Horkheimer/O’Meara Journalism Award.
• If you know a League member, 18 years or younger, who has brought amateur 
astronomy to your club or to the public through outreach, presentations, writing, or 
observing, please consider nominating that person for one of the two Horkheimer 
Service Awards. (Horkheimer/Smith Award - $1750 plus an expense paid trip to ALCon 
2016, Horkheimer/D’Auria Award - $1000.)  
• If you know a League member, 18 years or younger, who has captured a great 
celestial image since last April, please consider nominating that person for the 
Horkheimer/Parker Youth Imaging Award. (1st place - $1000, 2nd place - $500, and 3rd 
place - $250)
• One of these awards is more specialized than the others — the Horheimer/O'Meara 
Journalism Award. It requires a person who is 8 to 14 years of age to compose a 300 to 
500 word essay on any science related topic. (1st place - $1000, 2nd place - $500, 3rd 
place - $250.)
Since the deadline for the Horkheimer Awards is March 31, 2016, now is the time for 
potential candidates to work on their projects and to participate in various astronomy 
If you are a club officer, nominate them. If you don't, no one else will! Complete 
information about each award can be found at www.astroleague.org/al/awards/awards.html

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