Olympic Astronomical Society donates Horkheimer/Library Telescope


The Olympic Astronomical Society (OAS) in Bremerton just handed over their first Library Telescope to the Kitsap County Library, Sylvan Way branch, Wednesday 30 March. Cliff Mygatt, President of the OAS, presented the telescope to Librarian Megan.

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What's Up with the Astronomical League - March 2016


The latest ALCor newsletter includes dated information regarding ALCon 2016 and Globe at Night and EarthSky announcements.

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Celestial Observations Denebola— β Leo


By Bill Pellerin, Houston Astronomical Society

Object:  Denebola — β Leo
Class:  Star
Constallation:  Leo
Magnitude:  2.14
R.A.:    11 h, 49 m,  04 s
Dec:    14°  34’ 19”
Size/Spectral:  1.75 Solar Masses, Color: A3
Distance:  35.9 ly
Optics needed: Unaided eye

The name of this star may seem somewhat familiar. There’s another star in the sky named Deneb, in the constellation Cygnus (the swan). The name Deneb is from the Arabic word dhaneb which means ‘the tail’.  The name Denebola is a combination of the Arabic words Deneb Alased, meaning the tail of the Lion, which, in fact it is. It lies at the eastern end of the constellation Leo the Lion.

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Mercury Transit Special Award is now here


The Astronomical League's Special Award for the Mercury Transit is now on-line with all the requirements outlined.  There are options for those who can take images as well as those who can't.  Check it out by clicking here.

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Registration for ALCon 2016 now open


Registration for ALCon 2016 in Washington DC is now available at

Listen to the many astronomy presentations; take the special tours of the Smithsonian meteorite collection, the National Air & Space Museum, the US Naval Observatory, Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy Annex; enjoy an evening at the Star-becue; and hear about the future of space exploration from the leader of NASA – keynote speaker Maj.Gen. Charles Bolden, Jr., NASA Administrator!

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A Total Eclipse of the sun is coming!


ASTROCON 2017 (ALCon 2017) registrations are coming in daily. League club members who want to attend should register soon, so as to not miss this opportunity. Hotel and motel accommodations are booking quickly for this event!

Please go to the event website at http://astrocon2017.astroleague.org, then go to the “Registration” tab to complete your online registration.

The MARS region of the Astronomical League is helping to plan ASTROCON 2017 in the days leading up to the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.  Volunteers from various clubs in the Utah, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado are actively involved helping to plan and coordinate this event. This will be a major outreach opportunity for amateur astronomy……a total solar eclipse!

ASTROCON 2017 is collaborating with and supporting the Wyoming Eclipse Fest to help educate and support the many eclipse chasers that will descend upon Casper for AMERICA’s GREAT ECLIPSE!  Casper lies directly on the centerline of the moon’s shadow and has excellent weather prospects for a clear, dry eclipse day.

Astronomical League Website:  www.astroleague.org

Event Website:  astrocon2017.astroleague.org (Please go to the “Registration” tab)

Eclipse Information:  www.eclipse2017.org (Look under “Community Links” and then “What some places are doing”)

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