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One particular clear night years ago, you likely gazed at the heavenly realm and, although you may not have realized it at the time, it changed your life. Perhaps you were a teenager who visited a public event hosted by the local astronomy club. After standing expectantly in line, you peered for the first time through a telescope at M42, with its stellar sprinklings embedded throughout its wispy regions, and its four closely packed Trapezium stars shining in the central glow, sharply bordered by dark nebulae. What a marvelous sight for a young person to encounter!

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Nominations are open for two awards offered by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific


Do you know of qualified candidates? Please step forward, as they 
cannot nominate themselves!

1. Astronomical Society of the Pacific Amateur Achievement Award
The Amateur Achievement Award of the ASP, given yearly since 1979, is designed to 
recognize significant contributions to astronomy or amateur astronomy by those not 
employed in the field of astronomy in a professional capacity.

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Newest Observing Program Coordinators


Please join me in welcoming our newest Observing Program Coordinators.  These four are among the many members who stepped up and volunteered to help coordinate the programs:

Analemma - Douglas Smith

Double Star - Steve Bell

Galileo - Mark Croom

Sky Puppies - Maynard Pittendreigh

We owe much gratitude to those who have come before us in their laying the foundation upon which we build.  ​To misuse a quote by Sir Isaac Newton: "We are standing on the shoulders of giants."  Thank you all.

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Houston enters the Library Telescope Program!


Houston Astronomical Society won a Horkheimer/Library Telescope at last summer's ALCon and Society member Bram Weisman made the necessary modifications to get it "library ready." 

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Missing Sky Puppies


Our on-line database of Observing Program awardees is missing 13 entries for the Sky Puppy Observing Program.  We would like to get this fixed.  If you, your children, your grandchildren, or a member of your club has earned this certificate and they are not in the on-line database, please send an email to with the information so that we can add them in and give them the recognition that they deserve.  Thanks.  Aaron

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Thank You Mike!

The Astronomical League depends heavily on its team of volunteers, and is grateful for all their efforts. This past fall, Mike Benson, administrator of the Double Star Program, the Arp Peculiar Galaxy Program, and the Master Observer Program, decided to step down after many years of valuable service.
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