Observing Program Division Announcement - New Web Page

The Observing Program Division has provided another tool to help you find resources from the Astronomical League that will help you with your pursuit of an Observing Program Certification.  It is a quick-cross-reference set up by Observing Program with links to the AL Store page for specific manuals and guides.

As new guides or manuals are developed this page will also be updated.

Observing Program Division Announcement - Mars & Mercury Conjunction

Although not as close as the Grand Conjunction, and admitedly not as grand, on August 18, 2021, we will be treated to a pretty cool conjunction of Mars and Mercury.  They will be under 8 arcminutes apart, but may be a bit of a challenge.  At sunset, they will be at 10 degrees (one fist-width above the horizon) and 273 degrees azimuth (basically west).  They should fit in one field of view for most telescopes at modest power.

Although not part of any of the Astronomical League Observing Programs or Awards, well worth the effort to see this jewel.

Observing Program Division Announcement - Are You Working on an Observing Program?

If you are, then please read this announcement.

When you submit your logs to the Observing Program Coordinator, please ONLY submit observations related to that specific Observing Program.  Extra observations from other Observing Programs may confuse the Coordinators, and may result in the submission being returned to you. 


- The Observing Program Directors