Astronomy Before the Telescope Observing Certificate

Announcing the latest addition to the Observing Program Department of the Astronomical League:  Astronomy Before the Telescope Observing Certificate.  No telescope?  No binoculars?  No problem!  Relive the excitement of exploring the celestial sphere and its mechanics with tools you can easily make yourself.

Astrolabes, Nocturnals, Viking Sun Stones, Cross Staffs, and more!

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The Chilean Perspective

I went to Chile with the Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassador Program.  I share here my experience and the perspectives of others in my 2018 ACEAP cohort:

John Goar: I was captivated and thrilled.  I was a northerner seeing the southern skies for the first time.  If you have ever had the opportunity to see the southern hemisphere sky, then you might have shared my experience.  That night at Cerro Tololo in Chile, all at once, I got to see all the sky territory that, for me, was unknown -- alien.  With a sky full of new constellations, I used naked eyes and binoculars to explore.  I knew beforehand that it would be overwhelming, but I also knew it would be amazing.  The Magellanic Clouds, 47 Tucanae and Omega Centauri, Centaurus A, the holy Southern Cross -- and the gems kept coming.  So beautiful are the far reaches of the Milky Way!