AstroCon 2017 Registration Now Open


You may now register for the Astrocon 2017 conference in Casper, Wyoming onAugust 16 through August 19, 2017. Visit the Astrocon 2017 webpage at and click on the "Registration" tab at the top right of the page.


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Last Call -Coordinators Needed


If you are interested in helping the AL as an Observing Program Coordinator, we need to hear from you by Friday 1/15/2016.  We are beginning to contact those we have already heard from.  These programs are in need of a leader:  Analemma, Double Star, Galileo, and Sky Puppy Observing Programs.  Please send an email to Aaron Clevenson, Observing Program Director, at

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Reflector Digital Edition Notice has been sent


The Reflector Digital Edition notice has been sent out finally.  It is about 7 weeks late this time. Hopefully we'll do better in March.  Both the database and user interface were re-designed to correct a number of problems and make the interface more flexible.  If you are a member of multiple clubs you may now have different contact information and Reflector delivery options for each.  If you are a member of multiple clubs you may have Reflector Magazine delivered by postal mail for each of your memberships or from one or none. Digital delivery notices may be in set up in the same manner.

If you are a member and did not receive a notice there are a number of possible reasons:

  • We don't have your email address
  • Email address we have is incorrect due to a typo
  • Its no longer valid
  • Email has been marked as spam by your email service provider

Just send an email with your club and your contact information to and I'll add your contact email.

I just noticed that the greeting in the announcement was not sent correctly.  It should have been:  "Hello {your name}, {astronomy club}" but the "{your name}" part didn't get set correctly. I'll get that fixed for the March notice.

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Astronomics Sketching Award

Sketching the details of a celestial scene allows the observer to see more and to better understand what he or she sees. In short, it makes one a better observer while making the hobby more satisfying.

This award recognizes the remarkable work of sketchers who patiently depict what appears in the eyepiece.

Today’s sketchers use all types of media, from the standard pencil and paper to electronic drawing, and they sketch all types of celestial scenes from intriguing lunar features to subtly shaded nebula. All are fair game for the sketcher and for the Sketching Award.

While one does not need to be an artist to succeed at sketching, it does take practice. So, why not begin tonight and try your hand at drawing what you see in the eyepiece? For more general information about sketching, please visit the Astronomical League Sketching Observing Award webpage:

Special offer from StarDate Magazine


StarDate now offers a digital, as well as printed, version of its award-winning publication. From now though mid-January, Astronomical League members can receive a very generous discount by using the coupon code GIFT2015 when ordering online. With the discount, rates are: 1 year - $18.00 2 year - $38.00 3 year - $54.00 StarDate (a McDonald Observatory publication, 6 issues per year with print/digital options) Order online at and use the coupon code GIFT2015 on 1-3 year subscription rates.

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