Observing Program Division Announcement - AL Moons Observing Challenge

In conjunction with the International Observe the Moon Night, and with the urging of one of our members, we are having another AL Observing Challenge:  The Moons of the Solar System.  Information can be found on the website:  


It is the third active challenge. 

Observations may begin on 10/1/2022 and continue through 11/30/2022.  They must be submitted to the coordinator by 12/31/2022. 

Observing Program Division Announcement - New OP Selector Grid

Information useful in helping you determine which Observing Program is right for you is now available in one place on one page.  This grid contains information about experience level, equipment required, techniques which are allowed, and special requirements.  To see the grid, go to the webpage:


Good luck and clear skies.