Observing Program Division Upcoming Event - Tau Herculids: May 30-31

You may aleady know that the Tau Herculid Meteor Shower this year may bring us a meteor storm.  They are predicting that this will peak near midnight between May 30 and May 31.   At midnight, the radiant will be close to directly overhead, so meteors should be visible before midnight.  Keep in mind that meteor storm forecasting is still a bit of an art, so this is only a prediction.  But if you have never seen a meteor storm, with over 1000 meteors per hour, then it is worth the attempt.

The meteors are remnants left behind by the comet:  73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3

Observing Program Division Request - On-Line Database

We need your help!  We would like to make sure that our on-line database is as accurate as possible.  Please take a few minutes and confirm that Observing Program certifications you have earned are represented.

We know that recent ones may not have had a chance to be entered yet, but submissions should have been made on 4/1/2022, so hopefully most of them have made it on-line.

If you find any discrepancies, please send an email to Aaron Clevenson at aaron@clevenson.org.  We will do what we can to correct the issues.


If you wish to apply for a Master Observer's plaque, you need to register for ALCON 2022 by May 25. As part of the registration, you should indicate that you are a Master Observer, provide your certificate number, and state that you have not received the Master Observer plaque. You will also need to register to attend the Awards Banquet on 30 July, during which the plaques will be presented. You can register online or by mail.

The registration web page is: https://alcon2022.astroleague.org