Daily Schedule - Saturday, August 19th

  Ballroom Tiffany/Champagne Rooms  
8:50 am Welcome/Announcements    
9:00 am Dr. J. McKim Malville
Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences
University of Colorado
Field Trip 9:30 am Trail Museum
10:00 am

Dr. Stephanie Slater, University of Wyoming,
Eclipses and Science Fiction

Astrophotography/Digital Imaging Workshop

Robert Arn

Terry Mann

11:00 am Break  
11:15 am Dr. John Bally
Center for Astrophysics & Space Astronomy
University of Colorado, Boulder
Field Trip 11:45 am Casper Planetarium
12:15 pm Lunch Lunch
1:45 pm

Robert Gent
Save Our Night Skies

Telescope Technology Workshop 
Sponsored by Celestron"Quantitatively assessing the performance of computerized mounts. Case study: CGX-L" by Derik DeVecchio, Celestron.

Field Trip 2 pm Casper Planetarium

Astronomy Club Networking Opportunity
Astronomy Society of the Pacific NASA Night Sky Activities

Speaker Meet-n-Greet

2:45 - 7:00 pm Set up for Awards Banquet
7:00 - 10:00 pm Gala Awards Banquet