Vendors at AstroCon2017

360 World Atlas

Unique Space Collectibles and Solar Eclipse Pins! Vintage Space Items that will take you back in time to the Great Space Race! Plus a wide selection of amazing Solar Eclipse Pins – many designs to choose from!  Be sure to get on our list for Antarctic Eclipse Cruise in 2021.  (801) 364-2642

Artistic Apothecary

Natural, homemade, organic products: soaps, lotion bars, shaving creams, created artistically with love one batch at a time. Disclaimer: Soap for the astronomer not their lenses!  Come see our cosmic line including: Intergalactic, Dark Matter, Mars Moondust and many others. 


AstroBox is the quarterly subscription box for space geeks and educators. Our goal is to bring the inspiration and wonders to space to people's homes, every 3 months. AstroBox is targeted towards adults and kids, with something for everyone to enjoy. AstroBox is an excellent aid for STEM education and astronomy outreach, diving into depth on particular astronomical subjects connected to active space missions and astronomical events. Each box includes 5-8 high quality products with an exclusive t-shirt, an art print from a professional astronomical artist, and a mix of other products according to that quarter's theme. We also include our own Astronomy Unboxed magazine, and other fun activities to engage kids and adults in the wonders of discovery. Learn more at www.AstroBox.Rocks


Astrofactors is the US distributor of QHY CCD Cameras for Deep Space and Planetary imaging! We also carry the revolutionary PoleMaster camera, a must have for Astroimagers!

Astronomers w/o Borders

Astronomers Without Borders is a global community of astronomy enthusiasts, educators, and others worldwide who come together in programs based on our common interest in astronomy. Member clubs and individuals in countries worldwide share their activities, resources, astro-art, and more. Global Astronomy Month each April is the world's largest annual astronomy event. Learn more at

Astronomy Society of Pacific

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) , founded after the New Year’s Eclipse of 1889, is a non-profit organization that advances science literacy through astronomy by connecting scientists, educators, amateur astronomers and the public in sharing the latest developments in astronomy research and education.  Join our mission at

Atik Camera

Atik Cameras are a leading brand of specialised imaging equipment optimised for deep sky astrophotography.  The cameras are designed to offer the high sensitivity required to take spectacular images of dim subjects.  Our software makes controlling and integrating this equipment as simple and straight forward as possible.  Come and talk to us about the exciting hobby of astrophography.


Big Bang Prints - Authentic HD Prints of the Cosmos

We offer a select online gallery of the universe's Best Hits. You'll find no artist renderings or simulated stars capes here, just the latest and most breathtaking authentic outer space photos available, transformed into custom art gallery-quality pieces, posters, wall murals, stretched canvas art, backlit displays, and more. Open your very own window on the universe. Space out your space!

Canon U.S.A

\ See the Light

From the deepest recesses of the ocean to hundreds of miles above earth, Canon’s renowned imaging technology enables researchers, professional photographers, cinematographers and even astronauts to shoot impactful, clear, crisp imagery, even in extremely low-light conditions.


Celestron has been an optics industry leader for decades, ever since Tom Johnson unveiled the game-changing C8. We strive to continue his legacy by continually developing exciting products with revolutionary technologies.

Celestron is a platinum level sponsor of AstroCon 2017

Class USA

The purpose of the City Lights Astronomical Society for Students (CLASS) is to take astronomy into urban areas and to show young people that they have choices when it comes to interests, that students can be interested in science either as a hobby, or as a career, as well as follow traditional pursuits. Our goal is to provide service to the underserved areas of our community. Services of CLASS are open to any student regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex, or creed because we celebrate our diversity. All services are free of charge. We support STEAM.

Cloud Break Optics

Located in Seattle, Washington, Cloud Break Optics is your resource for all the tools and knowledge you need for astronomy and astrophotography. At any level of experience it’s easy to be tempted by the amazing equipment on the market today. But whether you are buying your first telescope or accessorizing your ninth, we’ll share our first hand experience with each product we carry to make sure you get the gear that’s going to deliver the results you want, night after night.

Deep Space Products

Deep Space Products is a small, family-owned business that specializes in HyperTuning mounts, cooling telescopes, providing data collection and management systems, providing premium US-made equipment and accessories and making available the finest amateur astronomy equipment from Europe and Japan.  In business for 10 years, Deep Space Products prides itself in assisting people in on line forums, helping people get the most out of their existing equipment and providing the best quality accessories and equipment to those people looking to move up in the hobby.

Field Tested Systems

Field Tested Systems is well known for its award-winning RSpec real-time spectroscopy developed by Tom Field.  With this software and an inexpensive Star Analyser grating, it's easy to capture scientific spectra of the stars with a small telescope, or even an off-the-shelf DSLR and its stock lens.  Add a telescope, a FITS, or an astronomical video camera for even more exciting spectra.  Come by our booth and Tom will show you examples of the kinds of things you could be doing next week.  The company also created a unique video spectrometer for physics, chemistry, and astronomy classroom use with gas tubes, which utilizes the RSpec software. Come by our booth for a chance to win one of our beautiful posters. See our two websites for great videos that show you what you've been missing. We'll help you unleash your inner scientist.™ for astronomical spectra and for classroom spectra.

" is a leading website providing state-of-the-art maps and animations to prepare the American public for the celestial spectacular of August 21, 2017. We also provide expert advice on the best places to go, sources for authoritative weather guidance, strategies for success on eclipse day, the science and history of total solar eclipses, and a directory of all eclipse day events across the nation.

We are ready to partner with community organizers and educators to help inspire and educate the American public for the Great American Eclipses of August 21, 2017 and April 8, 2024."

Lyon's Den Crafts

Lyon's Den Crafts makes shoulder dragons, plushies, eclipse pillows and other custom crafts.  I'll be at ASTROCON to take custom orders for star gazers and their families.



Meade Instruments

Meade Instruments is the leading designer and manufacturer of expertly crafted telescopes and optical accessories. For more than 40 years, Meade has focused on exploration, empowering curiosity and excellent service, enabling both professional and amateur enthusiasts to experience the wonderful universe.

MoonScape Publishing

What's Hot on the Moon Tonight? is the ultimate guide to lunar observing. There are 10,000 craters on the Moon that are within the grasp of even small telescopes. What's Hot... takes you by the hand and introduces you to the Moon’s most interesting features as they appear night-by-night throughout the lunar month. It also gives you an understanding of how these features came to be so that you are not merely a sightseer, you become a knowledgeable observer.

Night Sky Network

NASA Night Sky Network  member clubs bring the wonders of the universe to the public.

Oasis at Death Valley

The Oasis at Death Valley is a 4-diamond resort located in Death Valley National Park, a Gold Tier International Dark Sky Park.   Enjoy our crystal clear desert skies at night.  During the day, enjoy horseback riding, golfing, hiking, touring, tennis, spa treatments, spring-fed pools, and gourmet meals at the beautiful Oasis at Death Valley Resort.  Visit our website at for more details and reservations.


Customers can count on the Omegon brand for the newest developments in the field of optics, and a wide and diverse range of products, from telescopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes to microscopes as well as a large variety of accessories.

A special focus of Omegon is in the realm of amateur astronomy - where the optics can make the difference in whether the user gets enjoyment or misery from their hobby.  Many of those behind the Omegon brand are also hobby astronomers themselves and know exactly what is required and is most important for the customer.

At Omegon, quality is our most important requirement. Our aspiration to bring you optimum quality in the respective price ranges is not left to chance. All our products are subject to strict inspection, with testing carried out according to specific optical and mechanical quality criteria.

Photonic Cleaning and Technologies

First Contact™ cleans and protects precision optics, telescopes, and mirrors currently in use, during storage, during assembly and in shipping. It has been used to clean some of the largest and most famous telescopes in the world, and used by professional and amateur astronomers for over a decade. To name a few; W.M. Keck Observatory, ESO in Chile, the LuLin Observatory in Taiwan, the Hong Kong Space Museum, the Mayall 4-meter Telescope, and most recently the La Palma mirror at the Gran Telescopio Canarias. No job is too big or too small.

PlaneWave Instruments

Founded in 2006, PlaneWave Instruments is committed to providing observatory-class products for serious astronomers at an unprecedented value. Developed by PlaneWave, the CDK (Corrected Dall-Kirkham) is a revolutionary new telescope optical system that was designed to excel at imaging on large format CCD cameras while remaining an excellent instrument for visual use.

Planewave Instruments is a silver level sponsor of AstroCon 2017.

RSpec Astro

Field Tested Systems is well known for its award-winning RSpec real-time spectroscopy developed by Tom Field.  With this software and an inexpensive Star Analyser grating, it's easy to capture scientific spectra of the stars with a small telescope, or even an off-the-shelf DSLR and its stock lens.  Add a telescope, a FITS, or an astronomical video camera for even more exciting spectra.  Come by our booth and Tom will show you examples of the kinds of things you could be doing next week.  The company also created a unique video spectrometer for physics, chemistry, and astronomy classroom use with gas tubes, which utilizes the RSpec software. Come by our booth for a chance to win one of our beautiful posters. See our two websites for great videos that show you what you've been missing. We'll help you unleash your inner scientist. ™ for astronomical spectra and for classroom spectra.

Sara's Custom Sewing and Embroidery

Sara's Custom Sewing & Embroidery can create a wide variety of specialty items such as chef aprons, animal shaped throws, fleece blankets with constellation patterns sewed and so forth.

The below images are of a toothfairy pillow and an embroidered ASTROCON logo patch that can be placed on any garment.


Simulation Curriculum

Simulation Curriculum develops and publishes best-in-class simulation software and curriculum for the K-12 and College markets world-wide. Our mission is to help fill the need for high quality, accurate simulation-based curriculum for topics in Astronomy, Earth Sciences and beyond. Acquired from Imaginova Corp in 2008, our award-winning flagship product, Starry Night is the world's leading digital desktop planetarium simulation.

Starry Night is in more than 10,000 classrooms worldwide, is bundled with most major college Astronomy textbooks and is the engine running the most advanced, teacher-friendly planetariums in the world. Starry Night gives educators powerful, accurate, reliable tools to inspire and engage students regardless of their level of content knowledge or technical expertise.


Sky and Telescope

Sky & Telescope magazine, founded in 1941 by Charles A. Federer Jr. and Helen Spence Federer, has the largest, most experienced staff of any astronomy magazine in the world. Its editors are virtually all amateur or professional astronomers, and every one has built a telescope, written a book, done original research, developed a new product, or otherwise distinguished him or herself. 

Sky & Telescope is a platinum sponsor of ALCon 2017.

Sky-Watcher USA

Headquartered in Torrance, California, Sky-Watcher USA is the sole distributor of Sky-Watcher telescopes and mounts in the United States. With complete lines of traditional and collapsible Dobsonians, in both standard and GoTo configurations, we deliver some of the finest visual optics to the astronomy market. Specializing in the mid- to high-end astrophotography market, Sky-Watcher USA is an industry leader for apochromatic refractors, Newtonian reflectors, Maksutov OTAs, equatorial mounts and various multi-purpose photography products.  Supporting both visual astronomy and astrophotography, Sky-Watcher products cultivate the natural wonder and imagination inspired by the night sky.  For more information, please visit

Software Bisque

Beginning in 1983, Software Bisque began enriching the amateur astronomy experience by providing powerful, easy to use observing tools.  TheSky Astronomy Software offers three Editions tailored to suit your needs, whether you’re just getting started, or are a seasoned professional.  Born and bred right here in the USA, our Paramount robotic telescope mount (available in both GEM and equatorial fork models) raises the bar for performance, precision, and productivity.  Come join the Software Bisque team today!” 


StarGuy features high quality astronomical products from Vixen, Berlebach and more.  We have everything you need to get the best views!  


Universe2go is an augmented-reality star viewer and app duo that combines an actual view of the stars with history, mythology and lasting impressions, otherwise solely experienced in a planetarium.  Using your smartphone, Universe2go enables the user to see the night sky with a superimposed, digital picture and tons of information and descriptions, offering a truly revolutionary perspective of the Universe and the chance to explore the cosmos with astounding precision and ease. Order Now!

Ursa Major Stencils

Ursa Major is a Night Sky Star Stencil™ that transforms the ceiling of your darkened room into a dramatic replica of the real night sky while leaving the lighted room unchanged no noticeable markings. Stars and constellations are in proper positions with accurate relative brightness. Simply affix the stencil to the ceiling or wall then paint the stencil holes with the   brand glow-in-the-dark paint. It works on both smooth and textured ceilings!


The stars will shine, once exposed to artificial or natural light. Turn out the lights, and the stars glow and keep glowing brightly and fade over the next 8 hours. They can be recharged indefinitely and are unnoticeable in lighted rooms or on light-colored surfaces.

Our Mission:  Every product you purchase helps someone with a disability.

Our product is manufactured by the skilled hands of people with disabilities.  Bridgeway’s charitable mission is to empower people with disabilities through the creation of meaningful employment, and to provide training opportunities to maximize the potential for growth and development for those that would otherwise be unable to find employment.  Read about who we are and our mission on the web at


Vernonscope is a US small business that manufactures Brandon eyepieces from 6mm to 24mm in 1.25" diameter and 48mm in 2" diameter, as well as telescope optical accessories for both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces.  These include several Dakin Barlows, silver-coated quartz star diagonals, image erectors, filters (including Magenta), extenders, and an 80mm birdscope.  We also manufacture Brandon eyepieces for Questar.  We build our eyepieces in North Carolina of parts made in the USA.  They are fabulous for planetary viewing and their high contrast, ultra-sharp images make them excellent for use in solar scopes too.  Try a 12mm or 16mm and enjoy the views.