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Reflector Editor Stepping Down!

Ed Flaspoehler is the longest serving Reflector Editor in League history, having edited the publication since May of 1989. No one has done more to develop the Reflector in those years Reflector has gone from a four page mimeographed document, to a short black & white publication, to the substantial, beautiful color publication that we see today.

Ed has indicated that he will step down as Reflector Editor after editing the August, 2000, issue. Obviously, his multiple award-winning service to Reflector and to the League and its growth will deeply deeply missed.

But we must also turn to the future and find a new Editor to lead us forward into the new year. Ideally, a candidate for this position would need some or all of the following skills:

  • ability to use upper-end publishing programs like Quark Express
  • prior newsletter or magazine editing experience (PLEASE SUBMIT SAMPLES)
  • sound English and English grammar skills; writing ability
  • ability to meet a regular quarterly publication deadline
  • ability to communicate with societies to obtain needed material
  • ability to solicit and maintain advertisers for Reflector
  • ability to exercise professional judgment in matters of inappropriate, wrongful, or illegal content
  • ability to work with, and be answerable to, the National Council and its Executive Committee

Ed is willing to train our new Editor while preparing the August 2000 issue, and the League will fly the new Editor to Ed's home in Dallas for that purpose.

If you are interested in this very important and highly visible position, or if you know someone else who might be, please identify that person for us and send us a sample of your (their) prior editing work

Thank you very much for you assistance in getting this message to your anyone you feel may be interested in this challenging position!!

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