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Astronomical News Archive

A Letter from the Youth Activities Chair.
The Year 2000 Awards Presented at AstroCon.
Astronomical League Receives Bequest from Founder.
Reflector Editor Stepping Down! New Editors Selected

Reflector Editor Stepping Down!
Professional-Amateur Collaboration Update.
Solar System Imaging Award Announced!
Join in the Telescopes for Telethon 2000: May 10, 2000.
Astronomy Day Events - Find One in Your Area!
National Young Astronomer Award Recipients Announced!
Convention Planning Checklist Now Online.
Astronomy Day Tips for 2000.
Extra Bright Full Moon to Occur This Month? (1999-12-26)
Animated GIF of the 1999 Transit of Mercury (1999-11-22).
Nominations Open for League Offices (1999-11-01).
New Comet to be Naked-Eye Next July (1999-10-20).
Transit of Mercury to be Visible November 15, 1999 (1999-10-15).
Amateur Professional Cooperation (1999-07-01).

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