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The Year 2000 Awards Presented at AstroCon.

The following awards were presented at AstroCon in Ventura, California:

Astronomical League Award Dr. Frank Bash
Director, The McDonald Observatory
President, A.S.P.
Leslie Peltier Award Charles Scovil
G. R. "Bob" Wright Award Robert L. Gent
Vice-president, Astronomical League
Public Relations Officer, I.D.A.
League President's Award Ed Flaspoehler
Editor, Reflector (1989-2000)
Mabel Sterns Award Glendon Howell
Editor, Back Bay Observer
National Young Astronomer Award Patrick Kelly, 1st place
Tiffany Titus, 2nd place
Jack Horkheimer Award Katie Moore, 1st place
Ryan Hannahoe, 2nd place
Astronomy Day Award
Charles Hayden Planetarium
Boston Museum of Science
Boston, MA
The Oglethorpe Astronomical Association
Savannah, GA

Our congratulations go out to all the winners!


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