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A Letter from the Youth Activities Chair.

Dear Fellow Young Astronomers,

My name is Ryan Hannahoe. You might not have heard of me, but I'm the Astronomical League's Youth Activities Chair. I will give one presentation at ALCon 2001 -- "Youth Today".

To gather more information about how our generation is involved in astronomy, I would like to ask you to answer a few questions, listed below. Please include a photograph of yourself (preferably with an astronomical theme or background). The results of this survey will be featured in my presentation. If you would like to contribute, your entry must be received February 1, 2001.

Mail your entry to:

Ryan Hannahoe
1056 Mahlon Drive
Leesport, Pa. 19533

Your participation will be greatly appreciated!

Always in astronomy,
Ryan Hannahoe
Astronomical League Youth Activities Chairman and
ALCon 2001 Webmaster

  1. Whom do you admire in astronomy?
  2. Do you desire a career in astronomy/science?
  3. What do you do in your astronomy club?
  4. What was your first telescope or if you do not have one, would you like to build a telescope?
  5. What is a good science fair project?
  6. How can astronomy help me get into a better college?
  7. How can I help my club with astronomy?
  8. What first got you interested in astronomy?
  9. Where is your favorite observing site?
  10. How can I help fight light pollution in my community?
  11. What if I discover a comet or nova?
  12. What Astronomical League observing clubs are best for teens?
  13. My club is not affiliated with the AL? What can I do to become an Astronomical League member?
  14. What does astronomy do for you?
  15. What in astronomy do you find "fun"?
  16. How can a teenager make a difference in astronomy today?
  17. List some astronomical things that you have done in the last year.

Please note: I will use your responses at ALCon and for the promotion of Youth in Astronomy. Your comments and photograph may be used for promotional purposes. My presentations will be given to clubs, organizations, schools, etc.


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