Fine Art of Observing Workshop

David Tosteson

David’s passion is to seek out things no one has seen, and new types of objects fresh from research and professional literature using large reflectors. David will share specific examples of objects he have researched and observed.


Dave is an amateur with over 30 years of experience viewing deep-sky objects. His passion is for researching and observing things on the edge of professional science. He has seen and shared with other observers galaxies in the Hubble Deep and Ultra Deep Fields, brown dwarf stars, a gravitationally lensed arc, quasars with redshifts over 5 and Voorwerps, among others. He enjoys writing about these journeys and has had dozens of articles published in magazines such as Sky & Telescope, Amateur Astronomy, the Webb Society's Deep-Sky Observer, Minnesota Astronomical Society's (MAS) Gemini and local papers. He is a frequent contributor to the Astronomical League's Reflector, and has a regular feature in Amateur Astronomy called "Deep Sky Hunting". He and his wife Monica have traveled to four solar eclipses and have been fortunate to see them all. He enjoys major star parties, particularly the Okie-Tex and Texas Star Parties, where he has spoken several times. He received the Lone Stargazer award from the Texas Star Party in 2002. He has been an invited speaker at the annual convention of the Astronomical League in Des Moines and Chicago, and has presented many times at schools, community events and MAS meetings in the past. He is a Master Observer through the Astronomical League, and stopped at about thirty observing programs. Many thousands of observers have shared views through his reflectors through the years, and the thrill of someone viewing and understanding a spectacular object through a large instrument makes it all worthwhile.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 13:15


Champagne Room