RSpec Astro

Field Tested Systems is well known for its award-winning RSpec real-time spectroscopy developed by Tom Field.  With this software and an inexpensive Star Analyser grating, it's easy to capture scientific spectra of the stars with a small telescope, or even an off-the-shelf DSLR and its stock lens.  Add a telescope, a FITS, or an astronomical video camera for even more exciting spectra.  Come by our booth and Tom will show you examples of the kinds of things you could be doing next week.  The company also created a unique video spectrometer for physics, chemistry, and astronomy classroom use with gas tubes, which utilizes the RSpec software. Come by our booth for a chance to win one of our beautiful posters. See our two websites for great videos that show you what you've been missing. We'll help you unleash your inner scientist. ™ for astronomical spectra and for classroom spectra.