ALCON Astrophotography Contest

The contest will have three categories: (1) a particular globular cluster that the astrophotography committee will designate (2) a galaxy or galaxy group of the contestant’s choice and (3) a nebula of the contestant’s choice.

A contestant may enter any or all of the categories. All images submitted must be taken at Bryce Canyon National Park during ALCON, but none may be taken at the public star party area as it’s reserved for visual observing. There is no limit on the amount of time a competitor can spend on a target; it can even be imaged on successive nights.

Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates will be awarded.

Anyone wishing to enter an astrophoto for the ALCON Astrophotography Contest should contact one of the judges so it can be copied onto a flash drive. All astrophotos entered will be projected during the Saturday Awards Banquet, and that is when the certificates will be presented to the winners.

Contest Judges:

Don Colton – Contact Don

Tyler Allred – Contact Tyler

Joe Bauman – Contact Joe