If you have problems with registration for ALCon 2011 you may contact Vern Raben.

Registration Step by Step

The following are some instructions and notes which may be helpful.
It is perhaps easier if you create an account on the ALCon website first. In case you are interrupted your shopping cart will not be lost.
To get started with registration, choose the "Registration" link on the top menu  on the page and then choose "Attendee registration" if you are a club member; choose "Vendor registration" if you are a vendor.
You may register for one day for $20, two days for $40, three days for $55  or for all 4 days of the conference for $65.  Click "Signup" button by the corresponding registration option. Student registration (under age 18) is $1.
Once you push the "Signup" button the shopping cart page appears. You may change the quantity in the cart if you are registering for more than one person.  (Spouses do not necessarily need to register if they won't be attending any sessions or the star parties at Rainbow Point; they may attend the Star-B-Que, banquet and public star parties at the National Park visitors center).  If you change the quantity, be sure to press the "Update cart" button.
Registration shopping cart

Next you click on the "Continue registration" link to return to the registrations page to make other selections -- Star-B-Que, banquet, tee shirts, etc.  They are added to the cart one at a time. You return to registration by clicking on the "Continue Registration" link.

You do not necessarily need to purchase everything at once, the system tracks purchases in a database so you may buy some items separately later if you wish. As long as you use the same email address that is...
Click on the "Checkout" link or button when you are ready to submit your order.  If you have signed up more than one person for registration, the Star-B-Que, or the awards banquet you will see the following page. It is asking you to assign an email address to identify which person signed up for which event. The system will use  this to produce badges for the conference. If you are registering more than one person and only have one email account, you need to contact Vern

As noted above, be very careful that the email address for the person matches up with the corresponding entree.  The default is your own email address which may be incorrect. When everything is correct click on "Next step".


Review that your order is correct. If it isn't click on the "Cancel"  button.

Scroll down the page and select the payment method.  You may pay by mailing in a check or by credit card through PayPal.

At the bottom of the form is note informing you that ALCon registration does not include a pass to enter Bryce Canyon National Park. Click the checkbox to acknowledge this and then click "Review order" (to review yet again).

 ALCon registration - final review

OK - review is complete and you are now ready to submit order. Click on the "Submit order" button and then enter payment information or mail in a check.

Registration Issues

  • During check out if you are signing up multiple people and switch email addresses around the cart sometimes gets confused. Check that it is correct before you submit the order.  If this happens to you,  logout, close your browser, and then log back in again.  The old email entries will be cleared.
  • If you update the quantity of an item in the shopping cart the Google Chrome browser requires requires two clicks on the "Continue Registration" link before returning to the registration page. Other browsers, FireFox, MS Internet Explorer  work ok.
  • The shopping cart checkout system requires a unique email address for each person signing up for registration, star-b-que, or the awards banquet.  It does this so that the person attending each event can be identified.  If you have only a single shared email address you should contact Vern.

Checking on the status of your order or printing your order

After you submit your order a copy will be sent to you by email. It is also available after you login into your account.  Click on "My Account" link on the upper left side of the page and then click on the "Orders" tab. Click on the order number and your order will be displayed.  Status of your order is shown in the "Payment" box on the upper right.  You may print it by clicking on the link at the bottom.