Public Star Parties

On Wednesday, June 29th through Saturday, July 2nd, there will be public star parties in a large parking lot across the street from the Bryce Canyon National Park Visitor’s Center. Those bringing telescopes will be allowed to set up their equipment after 7:30pm. The public will be invited onto the telescope field at 9:30pm.  Please contact Don Colton if you would like to participate with at least one night of viewing.

Those planning on viewing privately at Rainbow Point will be asked to participate for at least one night at a public star party. As the astrophotography entries will be judged and certificates given at the Saturday evening Awards Banquet, Saturday night may be a good night to participate at the public star party. The skies are every bit as dark at the public events.

The National Park Service requires that those who will participate at a public star party with their own telescopes, plan to attend an orientation meeting at the Visitor’s Center prior to the evening star gazing. These orientation meetings will be each evening starting between 5:30 and 6:00pm at the Visitor’s Center. Please contact Don Colton to schedule your orientation session.