Astronomical Filters - Types, Uses, and Advantages


Join fellow amateur Joe Lopinot of the River Bend Astronomy Club in Highland, IL for a presentation and discussion about the types, uses and advantages of astronomical filters.  Affordable visual and photographic filters have led to an explosion of use within the amateur community in recent years, although navigating the wide variety of specialty filters available today can be daunting.  Joe will present an overview of filter types, discuss how they can enhance your visual or photographic astronomy, address some misconceptions regarding filters and what they can and cannot do for you, and lead a discussion on personal experiences with filters.

The presentation will concentrate on the practical uses of filters and includes comparative response curves and images, available resources through manufacturers, the internet and reference books, quality and cost options, tips, techniques and filter accessories.   Come join your fellow amateurs in a useful and informative discussion of how filters can be an indispensible part of your accessory case.

June 29, 2011
June 29, 2011 - 1:30pm