Dark Wars


At Bryce Canyon, I lead a cadre of ranger/astronomers called The Dark Rangers - anti-light pollution ranger-astronomers.

Though I studied a variety of sciences at Utah State (degrees in Forestry & Recreation Resource Mgmt, with minors: Biology, Geology, Wildlife & Anthropology), Astronomy is a post-graduate passion, inspired by the night sky splendor of Bryce. As a prolific instructor of Interpretation (public speaking – ranger style) I've assisted in several exciting endeavors. I help NASA's Earth To Sky partnership heighten awareness for global climate change. With Sky Rangers, a partnership between us Dark Rangers and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, I'm focused on improving the Interpretive Skills of potential Dark Ranger across North America. My most popular courses are "Handling Hecklers" & "PowerPoint: The Ultra Cool Stuff Microsoft Doesn’t Know." As a freelance writer I've published five 10,000-word scripts for Waypoint Tours and many smaller projects for Finley Holiday. The rest of my time is split between stargazing, Jan (my favorite heavenly body), and with my 3 sons: marathon canoeing, marathon computer gaming, and green energy inventions.

Dark Wars - Kevin Poe

June 29, 2011
June 29, 2011 - 11:00am