John Stetson

John Stetson has taught high school math, English, computer science (programming and robotics), college photography, and had a solar observatory available for at-risk youth in Southern Maine. We try to observe and image every clear day.

 Over the past 12 years, the solar observing has included: building solar telescopes with John Dobson (grinding, polishing, figuring), making whitelight observations with pencil and paper, making a 12'x4' tryptic of solar activity (that image appeared in "Reflector" magazine), observing an annular eclipes with Vic Winter, creating an analemma, viewing the Transit of Venus in June of 2004, observing cresent, pinhole images of a partial eclipse, observing and imaging in h-alpha (observing prominences, filaments, flares, etc.),  and capturing the ISS and various Space Shuttles transiting the sun.

I would like to start the solar presentation with an image of mirror (unsilvered) made for a Dobsonian solar scope, and then cover the range of what an our amateur group has been able to experience.