Mike Murray

Program Manager, Clark Planetarium
Mike Murray

Mike Murray is the Programs Manager for the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The planetarium opened in 2003 as one of the world’s first digital dome theatres.  Clark Planetarium Productions is now one of the most active producers of fulldome immersive animation, with over a dozen original programs operating in 40 states and 29 foreign countries.  

Mike has 34 years of experience in the planetarium and informal science education field, producing and directing programs at six different organizations around the U.S.  Mike also served as Deputy Director of the NASA Montana Space Grant Consortium at Montana State University, developing and overseeing a number of education/public outreach projects that covered the entire state, including telescope and observing workshops for tribal colleges.

Mike has been an avid amateur astronomer since 1969, providing presentations and seminars for star parties, astronomy clubs and museums.  He has been actively involved in starting and “growing” astronomy clubs, and participating in major star parties around the country.  He has served in many organizations including the International Planetarium Society, the Astronaut Memorial Foundation, and the Astronomical League.  He has over 50 articles in planetarium journals, astronomy club newsletters, and newspapers.