Robert Arn

Robert Arn

Robert Arn is an award-winning astrophotographer who hails from Colorado.For the past five years his astronomy interests have ranged from planetary formation and stellar evolution, to education and the preservation of the night sky. In addition, he has dozens of astro-imaging publications from sources such as NASA's APOD, NASA's EPOD, Sky & Telescope POD, AAPOD, and several others. During the daytime, Robert is pursuing a Ph.D. at CSU in Mathematics. His current professional research interests include computer vision, signal processing, and large-scale data analysis. Early this June Robert published an e-book, "Photography at Night: An Introduction to Astrophotography on a Budget"

Check out some of Robert's APOD photos:

APOD June 6, 2011: "Geometer's Play Ground over Wyoming"

APOD Apr 11, 2011: "Other Worldly Planet Rise"

APOD Mar 14, 2011:  "Spacecrafts Streak Over Colorado"

APOD Aug 21, 2010:  "Perseid Storm"