Arp Peculiar Galaxies Programs

The Astronomical League has sponsored the Arp Peculiar Galaxy Program for several years. The Arp program consists of the Northern Arp and the Southern Arp programs. Both groups have the requirement of observing or imaging 100 Arp galaxies from the Northern list or from the Southern list. The Southern list has 122 galaxies higher than -30 degrees so it is obtainable for northern hemisphere observers. The Southern list has a total of 498 galaxies brighter than 15th magnitude for those venturing into the southern hemisphere.

Individuals theoretically can receive 4 certificates (Northern visual, Northern Imaging, Southern visual, Southern Imaging). However, they will receive a pin with the first Arp certificate they earn. Mike Benson will continue to coordinate the Northern Arp and Al Lamperti the Southern Arp.


Click here for Northern Arp.

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