Links to Items of Interest to Amateur Astronomers

This page lists links that might be of interest to Amateur Astronomers.  They are listed alphabetically by topics.  Inclusion on this list does not imply any kind of endorsement by the Astronomical League.  They are provided for information only.  These sites are not part of the Astronomical League and we do not maintain them.  Some may become obsolete.  If you find any broken or outdated links, please send an email to the list curator, Aaron Clevenson, at

If you know of any links that you think might be of interest to other Amateur Astronomers, please send am email containing them to the curator, Aaron Clevenson, at  Rules for inclusion are:

  • All sites MUST NOT be sales pitches. (non-commercial)
  • All sites must be generally recognized as legitimate and accurate sources of scientific information. (scientific, governmental, educational, or news)
  • Decision will be made by the Observing Program Directors or their delignates. (the Observing Program Division)
  • All decisions to include, or not, will be final.

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