EarthSky partners with the Astronomical League


EarthSky and the Astronomical League have agreed to partner in the years 2016 to 2018 to bring the wonder, beauty, and mystery of the night sky to the public. The partnership was finalized today (July 30,  2015).  John Goss, president of the Astronomical League, said:
The Astronomical League, the nation’s largest federation of astronomical societies, is  proud  to  partner  with  EarthSky  …  We  recognize  the  importance  of  what stargazing  and   amateur  astronomy  offer  to  the  betterment  of  our  society, especially to the benefit of our young.

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Master Observers wanted


If you are a Master Observer, we want you!  The AL has a Master Observer Network set up to answer questions from members and the general public.  It is also a means for the League to talk with you as a group. If you are already on the list - Awesome!  If not, please join us.  

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New Horizons NASA Observing Challenge


This is a reminder that the third NASA Observing Challenge is "On!" (an AL Special Observing Award)
The website:
The requirements:
        Image Pluto and submit it to the NASA Flicker site.
        Have an outreach event regarding the New Horizons encounter with Pluto.
        Submit the form to NASA.
The reward:
        A NASA/AL certificate.

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Winning Clubs of the 2015 Horkheimer Library Telescope Program

Because of the generosity and vision of the Horkheimer Charitable Fund, the Astronomical League presented ten Library Telescopes at ALCon 2015 in Las Cruces. The names of ten clubs, one from each region, were drawn from the thirty-three total entries. These clubs will each receive an Orion 4.5 inch StarBlast Dobsonian Telescope, a Celestron 8-24 mm zoom eyepiece, and a commemorative plate, all to be modified by the respective club as a Library Telescope.
The Astronomical League wishes to thank Orion Telescopes and Celestron for making this program possible.
2015 Horkheimer Library Telescopes:


Northwest Region: Olympic Astronomical Society
Western Region: Temecula Valley Astronomers
MARS: Longmont Astronomical Society
Southwest Region: Houston Astronomical Society
North Central Region: Northern Cross Science Foundation
Mid States Region: Broken Arrow Sidewalk Astronomers
Great Lakes Region: Oakland Astronomy Club
Northeast Region: Amateur Observers' Society of New York
Mid East Region: Back Bay Amateur Astronomers
Southeast Region: Flint River Astronomical Society
More information on the Library Telescope Program can be found at
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