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Observing Program Division Announcement – Meteor Observing Program changes (7/5/2024) - If you are currently working on your Meteor Observing Program observations - this pertains to you!  The certifications for this Observing Program have changed to Silver Level for 12 hours total observing, and Gold Level for 36 total hours of observing (formerly called Honorary).  There are no other changes to the Observing Program. For more… Read More...
Observing Program Division Announcements – Naked-Eye Observing Options (7/4/2024) - The Observing Program Division is excited to announce new options for Naked-Eye observers.  No equipment?  No Problem! We already have Observing Programs that require no equipment: Analemma: Alternate Constellations: Astronomy Before the Telescope: Constellation Hunter - Northern and Southern Skies: Earth Orbiting Satellites: Meteor Observing: and the Eyes Only… Read More...
Why AL-Con? (6/30/2024) - AL-Con is in July.  July  17 through July 20.  Are you planning to attend?  If so, great!  Conflicts?  We understand.  On the fence?  Check out this flyer from the AL. Why AL-Con? Read More...

Your Help Needed – All of you (6/29/2024) - The Database Managers and the Webmaster have been working very hard to clean up the on-line Observing Programs awards database.  We have reached the point where we need help from all of you who have earned awards.  Please send any corrections or issues to Aaron Clevenson at Please check your listing of awards by… Read More...
Observing Program Division Reminders – Two Observing Special Observing Award Challenges (6/24/2024) - In two days (June 26, 2024), the Parker Solar Probe NASA Observing Challenge will open.  This Special Observing Award will include a certificate and pin.  More information is available on our website:  Don't forget the Outreach component. Also, be sure to get your "before the Nova" observation of T Coronae Borealis done BEFORE it… Read More...
ALCon 2024 – Room Reservations (6/21/2024) - ALCon 2024 Room reservations are now open for the special ALCon rate at the beautiful Overland Park DoubleTree Hotel: or scan the QR code to take you to the Double Tree booking site. Once you are on the site, click "edit stay" on the upper right of the page to adjust your room nights.… Read More...

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Sare McAllister Heart-Nebula (1)

Discover the wonder, beauty, and mystery of our incredible Universe!


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