Participate in Astronomy Day, October 8!

Some people enter our wonderful hobby on their own, first reading books and magazines, later purchasing telescopes as they learn the night sky. Many others, though, are introduced to what lies above by someone who already owns a quality telescope – someone who has not just a good knowledge of the sky, but an exciting way of conveying enthusiasm to others, causing them to want to experience more.

September 2016 Digital Reflector Announcement has been sent

Announcement of the September 2016 digital edition of the Reflector has been emailed to all members.

Several people have reported an error with the member affiliation in the greeting line.  The error is in the software that sends out the announcements; the profile information is okay.

 If you did not receive the announcement it is probably because:

  • Your email service provider has marked email from the League as spam; to prevent this add to your email service contact list
  • We do not have an email address for you
  • The email address we have for you is not valid 

If you did not receive a notice and you are a member of an affiliated club or a member-at-large, honorary or lifetime member send me an email  to .

Let me know the name of your local club name (or MAL) and first and last name and a current email and I'll update your information.