Citizen Science Committee

Only a few days left...

As was mentioned in the December Reflector magazine, we are forming a committee to consider options and possibilities for including a component in our Observing Programs that recognizes the contributions that we as amateur astronomers can make in Citizen Science.  Aaron Clevenson will be organizing the committee shortly.  If you would be interested in participating in this organizational effort for the AL, please contact Aaron at by January 11, 2019.

Passing of Jerry Sherlin

Credit: The following article is from the Denver Astronomical Society online newsletter.

A memorial service for Jerry Sherlin will be held Saturday, January 12 at 11 am;
Southeast Church of Christ, 14601 E. Yale Avenue, Aurora, CO 80014


He joined the U.S. Air Force in 1959, retiring in 1981.  In the Air Force, he attended the weather forecasting school and spent most of his career in space weather predictions.  He served at the Air Force's Geophysics Labs (Hanscom Field, MA) for three years, followed by four years at the Air Force Global Weather Central’s Space Environmental department, where real-time reports from solar observatories around the world were received and the data used to forecast the effects of solar activity (e.g. solar flares and CMEs) on NASA-USAF near-Earth space missions and HF radio propagation.

Master Observer Network

If you are a Master Observer, the question is:  Are you a member?  The Master Observer Network is an electronic network of Astronomical League Master Observers that is available to answer questions by members and non-members as well.  We would like all of the Master Observers to be a part of the network.  Master Observers choose which queries they want to respond to.  When a member of the network, your email address is secure and not available to anyone unless you respond to a query.  To join the network, please send your