Seeing, Transparency, and Go-To Telescopes

Are you working on an Observing Program or Observing Award with the Astronomical League?  Do you often wonder what some of the requirements mean?  These are now defined for you on the AL Website.  To get information, suggestions, and definitions, please click on the Observe Dropdown.  This will bring you to the Main Observing Programs Web Page.  As you scroll down the page, you will see a section about Terms in Common Usage.  This will provide you with the definitions used by the AL's Observing Programs for "Highest Level", Go-To Telescopes, Remote Telescopes, Seeing, and Transparency.

Letter to Members of the Astronomical League Clubs

Dear Astronomy Colleagues:

Librarians across the country need your assistance to prepare the public for the August 21st solar eclipse!

Thanks to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (with additional help from Google,) over two million pairs of eclipse glasses will be distributed free through public libraries in anticipation of the solar eclipse.  More than 2,000 public libraries will receive a package of hundreds of free glasses, plus an information booklet on how to do public outreach about the eclipse (

Outer Space Pals #6

For a while now, everyone involved in promoting the August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse has been thinking up new ways to reach wider and more varied audiences. Holley and Michael Bakich are no exception. Even though they're hosting the largest event in 2017, they want to reach a diverse group of people. This means kids, too! That's what Outer Space Pals is all about. It's an introduction — in the simplest terms — to our solar system, to how objects in space move, and (most importantly) to the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse

Click on image above to view/download the file.