What's Up with the Astronomical League - March 2014


In this issue:

  • ALCon 2014 in San Antonio speakers and "things to do"
  • Space Place Android app
  • ALCon 2014 Registration form

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Happy Birthday, Lina!


Caroline Herschel was born on March 16, 1750 in Hanover, Germany. Her childhood was a Caroline Herschel portrait by M. F. Tielemanmdifficult one. The family home was occupied for four years by French soldiers during the Seven Years war. Caroline along with her mother and a younger brother were confined to area about the size of small closet and nearly starved to death. Since she was the youngest, her mother wished her to be a servant to her aging parents. After her father’s death, older brother William paid her mother a small annual stipend so that Caroline could assist him as a singer in the choir in England for which he was the musical director.

Upon arrival in England, William joined Caroline for breakfast each day and provided her daily “Lessons for Lina” covering such topics as learning to speak English, learning music and voice, and the basics of  astronomy, mathematics, and social etiquette. 


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ALCON 2014 Website is now "LIVE"


The ALCON 2014 webiste is now "LIVE" -- check it out!!  

Visit alcon2014.astroleague.org


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ALCON 2014 Registration Form


Here is the printable form to register for the 2014 ALCON  on July 10th thru 12th at the Hilton San Antonio Airport Hotel in San Antonio, TX.


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What's Up with the Astronomical League - January 2014


This issue features:

Award information for:

  • National Young Astronomer Award (NYAA)
  • Jack Horkheimer Service Awards
  • Jack Horkheimer/O’meara Journalism Award
  • Webmaster Award
  • Mabel Sterns Newsletter Award

Tribute to John Dobson

Please share this information with your club and other interested parties.

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