A. L. Convention Planning Checklist Section 4 – Six to Twelve Months

12 Months:

Put Together a Detailed Information Package. (See Seperate Mini-Checklist) Prepare informational brochure and registration forms for responding to requests. You probably have someone in your society with a home computer who can do all the "desktop publishing" type of work needed (for mailings and program), and check around your area to see which printer can give you the best deal there can be BIG differences! Do not forget to include in the information specific cut-off deadlines for the early registration fee, meals, housing, etc.

Publicize More!

Send Out Information Packages to The Reflector in time for the November issue of the year prior to the convention. They will usually print information on upcoming events as soon as they receive it, but remember to check deadlines for each issue. Basic information can be sent a year in advance. The Reflector will print registration forms for National conventions. (For a Regional convention, send information to your Region's newsletter at least six months prior to the convention.) Send all pertinent material regarding dates, location, person to contact with their telephone numbers, etc. so it can be printed. Repeat this information each quarter until the convention date.
Send the Same Information to Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines. Note that information must be sent four months prior to issue date (e.g., the deadline for the January issue of S&T is the first week of October, and is delivered in late November, currently). Repeat this information, plus any updates, each month until convention date.

9 – 12 Months:

Direct Mailing to ALCors of the same information. Contact the National Office to receive a list of Alcors, members-at-large, and, if for a Regional event, all the individual members in your Region, upon request." Also mail this package to other non-League societies in the area, and other interested parties (i.e., AAVSO, ALPO, IOTA, colleges and universities, etc.). Check on purchasing mailing lists from astronomical publications or manufacturers of astronomically-related equipment. Utilize a bulk mail service if you have one. (The law states that if you use the bulk mail service of another organization, that other organization must be a co-sponsor of the event.)

6 – 9 Months:

Solicit Door Prizes. If your don't know where to start, write to every advertiser in Sky & Telescope. If you do not hear from them, write one more time. Offer exhibit space. Make it sound like you think their products are the best, and that a donation by them would be good publicity for them. Let them know how may attendees you expect; it can help you get more donations. Be sure to give the donors credit on a posted sign or in the program. If you are corresponding with out-of-state donors, you may want to start with them earlier so they have time to mail their donations. Perhaps you could find someone to donate a number of smaller, inexpensive items so each child at the convention can have one.


Keep Regular Meetings with Committee Members. Make sure each subcommittee keeps to its schedule.

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