2015 MSRL Convention

For the 2015 MSRAL conference we are striving for balance; balance between professional and amateur presentations, between inspiration and how-to education, between concepts and technical details, between substance and social interaction.

The conference will start with the traditional CAAS Pisces fry to be held at Reservoir Park in Little Rock.

On Saturday, following the region’s business meeting, we will have a full day of professional and amateur astronomer presentations on a spectrum of topics. All this topped off with an evening banquet and keynote speaker.

Sunday morning we will turn to three separate workshops. One covering imaging, to be lead by CAAS members John Reed and Chris Lasley. The second, visual and photometric observation of variable stars, to be lead by Dr. Jeff Robertson and Bruce McMath. The third, a workshop for club leaders and would be club leaders, dedicated to club development, operation and management, to be lead by Jim Small and Darrell Heath.

For more information visit our website:  http://msral2015.caasastro.org/index.php


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