AAS Eclipse 2017 Workshop at SIU Carbondale

On 21 August 2017, a total eclipse of the Sun will cross the United States from coast to coast, giving tens of millions of people in a 70-mile-wide path from Oregon to South Carolina a chance to see the solar corona and experience all phases of the eclipse. The Moon’s shadow will sweep across the country starting mid morning in Oregon with just under two minutes of totality and reaching maximum duration of approximately 2 minutes 40 seconds in Southern Illinois before exiting over South Carolina mid afternoon.

Outside the path of totality, all of North America will experience a partial eclipse. This event, the first total solar eclipse to touch the US mainland since 1979 and the first to span the continent since 1918, presents a unique opportunity to excite people about science and connect them personally to the cosmos, as well as to conduct several important scientific observations. We are a working group dedicated to the science and public outreach of this unique event.

The next Eclipse 2017 workshop will take place in Carbondale, Illinois, on Friday and Saturday, 10 and 11 June 2016, at the SIU Carbondale Student Center, hosted by Bob Baer and Shadia Habbal. Friday’s morning session will be open to the public at large, with presentations to inform the public about the total solar eclipse of 2017. Posters will also be presented to the public at SIU Student Center in the Corker Lounge. The Friday afternoon and Saturday sessions will follow a schedule similar to those at previous workshops with presentations alternating with smaller group discussions, and a final presentation of small group results. Topics will include: The Role of Media, Educational Message – Several local teachers are expected to attend, Education Goals, Alignment with Co-STEM, Events, Partnerships/Collaborations, Citizen Science/Student projects. Webcasting of Day 1 is to be done by WSIU campus PBS station staff. We will post the broadcast link here when it becomes available

Day 2 of the conference will feature a workshop for the Citizen CATE Experiment. Potential volunteer observers are encouraged to attend. A limited number of student waivers are available for the workshop.

All attendees must register in advance.
Registration costs:
General Public $10 Day 1, $12 Day 1 and Day 2
Citizen CATE Workshop only (Day 2) $20
Full Participant: $180 (includes all meals and sessions)
Student Particpant: $80 (Includes all meals and sessions)

More information:

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