Astronomy Day at Everett Public Library

The EAS will be at the Everett Public Library in the Auditorium with displays for the event.

There is a talk scheduled at 2:00 pm, by Mars Rover team member Dr. Melissa Rice, entitled ‘The Past, Present, and Future of Mars Exploration’.

Planetary geologist Melissa Rice reports on the latest research findings from NASA’s Mars exploration program.
This October 5, 2019 Astronomy Day event is co-sponsored with the Everett Astronomical Society and the Everett Public Library.
Astronomy Day is held in the library’s auditorium from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Rice will speak at 2:00 PM.

Rice is an Assistant Professor of Planetary Science at Western Washington University, where she teaches in the Geology Department and the Physics & Astronomy Department.
Her research focuses on the geology and habitability of ancient environments on Mars.
She is a team member on the NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission and is part of the team building the Mastcam-Z cameras for the NASA Mars-2020 rover.
Dr. Rice received her Ph.D. in the Department of Astronomy at Cornell University in 2012 and was a Postdoctoral Scholar at the California Institute of Technology until starting at WWU in 2014.

Astronomy Day events will be held from 10am to 4pm.
There will be displays of astronomical telescopes, astronomical binoculars, and accessories; globe models of planets and moons, samples of more than twenty meteorites of several different types (all as old or older than the earth), space rocks that guests can touch and examine, astronomy books, astronomy video programs, skymaps and other hand-outs, information about the increasing impacts of nighttime lighting on the environment.
Weather permitting, there will also be solar sunspot and prominence observing.
All ages are welcome!

For further information, please call 425-257-8000 or visit

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