Astronomy Day at Natchez Trace State Park

The public is invited to Natchez Trace State Park on Saturday, October 4th for Astronomy Day. This free event will be held at the Pin Oak RV Campground, with solar observing during the day and moon viewing through telescopes after sunset.

Observed twice a year, Astronomy Day is a national event set aside by the volunteer-led Astronomical League to “encourage an interest in astronomy throughout America.” Astronomy Day connects people to the hobby of amateur astronomy by showing people the hidden splendor in night skies.

Park rangers will discuss topics such as light pollution, a condition caused by street lights in cities which blots out all but the brightest stars. Forked Deer Astronomy, a local group of amateur astronomers, will turn their telescopes skyward for guided public use. Objects such as the planet Saturn, the Ring Nebula, the Moon and the Hercules star cluster should be observable during the evening.

This event requires clear skies for observing, so please check the local forecast before attending. Questions for Natchez Trace should be directed to park ranger Wesley Williams ( or call 731-968-3742, and to Forked Deer Astronomy through, or call Eric Geater at 731-431-3742.

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