Astronomy Festival

Telescopes and educational exhibits will be set up for the public. Sky objects that will be visible during the event are the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and the stars. The Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association will have an exhibit about the sun and solar telescopes for safe viewing of the sun. The University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Lab will have an exhibit about impact craters and how they are used to study the geologic history of a planet or moon. Kids will be given a chance to make their own impact craters. There will be a raffle benefiting the Sharing the Sky Foundation. Beginning at dusk (about 7:15pm), there will be a presentation for kids to learn about telescopes and then to use a real telescope to find the moon on their own. At 7:30pm, author Dr David Levy will introduce the evening speaker, Jim O’Connor, who will talk about the constellations and tell some Native American sky lore. Telescopes will be available in the evening to view the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and the stars until 9pm.

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