Can We Live On Mars?

As the saying goes: A great place to visit. But could you – would you – want
to live there?

We have always been captivated by the Red Planet. Before the days of TV and
radio, fabulous stories had been written about astronauts exploring this far
away and mysterious world. Generations have wondered if there has ever been
civilized life on Mars. In 1895 American astronomer Percival Lowell turned
his giant telescope to Mars and mapped what he thought were irrigation canals
bringing much needed water from the planet’s north and south poles to
desperate Martian farmers all across the planet.

Have there ever been Martians? Are there any Martians now? Will we be the
first Martians?

For our next installment of “CASKids”, Elizabeth Daniels from Cincinnati
State will help you explore what it might take for astronauts to live on
Mars. What technology would you need? What would you have to bring with you?
How would you engineer and build a colony on another world? What science
would you do that the current NASA rovers can’t do?

Afterwards astronomers will be on hand to answer all your spacey questions,
show how telescopes work, and you’ll view the night sky through our big
telescopes. (Presentation held clear or cloudy.)

Have a telescope, big or small? Bring it along for expert help exploring the
night sky. We invite families, students, teachers and scouts – anyone with a
sense of wonder about our solar system, galaxy or the Universe.

• Saturday August 3rd
• Cincinnati Astronomical Society
5274 Zion Rd
Cleves, OH 45002
• Program begins at 8:30pm.
• Stargazing follows (weather permitting)
• Admission: Donation Requested
• Open to all kids! Ideal for grades 1 through 6.
• No reservations required.

More information and resources for teachers can be found at:

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