First San Juan Mountain Stargaze

Capote Lake Campground,  1 mile south of hwy 160 on hwy 151,  Pagosa Springs, CO

We are a new club started in November 2012 and this is our first National Star Party. Join us to make history!!

We want to be the Rocky Mountain "Starstare" of SW Colorado,  but we are the San Juan Mountain Stargaze.

Preregister for camping & meals & get a discount at

Thurs, Aug 8,   Arrive at Capote Lake.    We have the entire Eastside of the Lake reserved for us.  Campers, after driving past the office and bait shop, go North around the Lake.    In the Northeast area there is camping for 20-30 units.  Look for the sign. You can just pull off the road or set up a tent close to the Lake.  This is the area for people not having telescopes. If you continue driving South on the Eastside of the Lake you will see a gazebo and a little white Scamp which is our office and gathering place.

People with telescopes to share should continue just a little South of the gazebo and pick a camping spot.  This will be the viewing area.  You will be able to camp beside your telescope.

Camping is $13/ night   -$1 for preregistration   -$1 if you are a local club member  -$1 if you bring a telescope to share      

Do not pay at the Campground office.  Money will be collected for everything at the Scamp Office. Pop, candy and chips will also be for sale.

6-7PM There will be a hot dog cook-out   $3 for one all beef hot dog  $5 for two hot dogs,  + condiments & chips

7-8PM  There will be a meeting to finalize plans

8-9PM  Coffee and dessert  $3                     

 Viewing til dawn

Fri. Aug 9,  Sleeping & enjoying the area.  Visitor booklets will be available.  There is much to see & do.

5 PM  There will be a simple dinner served at the campground.     $8   -$1 for preregistration

6PM  take telescopes 2 miles south on hwy 151 to Chimney Rock National Monument, enter and drive to the upper parking lot where you can set up your telescope

7PM Lecture at the Chimney Rock Cabin as part of the Night Sky Program.

8:30 Everyone drives to the upper parking lot for viewing.  After the public leaves, we can stay on for viewing until the 4AM Hot breakfast is served.

Sat. Aug 10,  Sleeping & enjoying the area

6PM  Gourmet Dinner with speakers   $12   -$1 for preregistration Later viewing til 4AM Hot breakfast is served


Sun. Aug 11,    Sleep til noon  The First San Juan Mountain Stargaze is over.

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