Harrison County, Indiana Public Libraries Fall Astronomy Day

Solar Viewing with Mark Steven Williams of StarGeezer Astronomy. com
Noon-2pm at “Celebrate Laconia” community festival, Laconia, Indiana
Viewing of sunspots with specially filtered telescope, make a sundial during our crafts activities
Win tickets for the Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium

Astronomy Day at the Harrison County Public Library, Elizabeth branch, Elizabeth, Indiana
6pm – Indoor presentation: “Voyager & Elvis: V’ger has left the solar system”
Crafts: Make a “Star Clock” or Star Map planisphere
Snacks: Enjoy “Galaxy Pops” made by Sara D.
Prizes: Win tickets for the Rauch Planetarium, “StarGazing” astronomy guides from Bar Charts.com in our science and astronomy quizzes
Outdoor observing with a giant reflector telescope, see the first quarter Moon and Venus and Birthday Stars. Tour the constellations of early Fall
Free Sky Maps for October, 2013 while supplies last

For more information visit: www.stargeezerastronomy.com or call the Elizabeth Branch Library 812-969-2899

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