Mingo Star Party, April 25, 2015

Latitude 40.211degrees, Longitude -80.020 degrees

MINGO CREEK PARK OBSERVATORY – STAR PARTIES. April 24 and 25, 2015 SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES. See stars,galaxies, nebula, planets, Moon, meteors,and more, up close through our 10″ and 24″ fixed telescopes and members telescopes on the hill. Conditions permitting possible solar view with new Lunt solarscope! Haddad Planetarium offers lectures, movies, sky shows.1:00 PM – 11:00 PM End time depending on conditions. Donations gladly accepted. Address: 1 Shelter 10 Road, Nottingham Township, PA 15301 40.2110 N, 80.0190 W www.3ap.org. For more information and group pre-registration, 724-384-6150 or MingoSPCoordinator@3ap.org.

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