Northern Virginia Star Gaze Celebration

Join the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club and the Virginia Association of Astronomical Societies as we celebrate Star Gaze 2019 at C.M. Crockett Park in Midland, VA on Saturday 5 Oct 2019. Plenty of observing opportunities and excellent talks on outer planets, exo-planets, and nighttime amateur photography are planned. Come out at 3 pm and join in observing the sun in both white light and H-alpha! After nightfall we’ll be observing our solar system’s gas giants: Jupiter, Saturn, and possibly Neptune as well as some of the brighter deep sky objects, including the Andromeda Galaxy. With a first quarter moon in the southern sky we can observe our own satellite’s rugged landscape and reminisce on the Apollo era of 50 years ago. Bring your cell phone and capture the moment through our club member’s telescopes!

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