Psalm 19 Astronomy Society – May 25, 2018 event @ Downtown Austin, Texas

Our next Psalm 19 Astronomy Society event will be on Friday May 25, 2018 at 8:30 PM. We will look at the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter.
Psalm 19 Astronomy Society is an educational sidewalk astronomy ministry with the mission to share the beauty and majesty of God’s universe through astronomy. We seek to demonstrate that there can be harmony between God’s World, the universe, and God’s Word, the Bible, since God is the creator of both. Based on Psalm 19:1-2 written by King David about 3000 years ago when he wrote:
1 The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
2 Day after day they pour forth speech;
night after night they reveal knowledge.
They reveal knowledge about the God who created the universe and each and every one of us.
Our theme will be “Thank God for the Jupiter!” and we will be handing out educational cards detailing how the Jupiter helps to make Earth habitable for humans.

We set up on the Austin Hike & Bike Pedestrian Bridge which runs just east of S. Lamar Blvd. Bridge (at the intersection of W. Riverside Drive and S. Lamar.)

There is free on-street or lot parking available along W. Riverside Drive.

NOTE: This event is subject to be cancelled due to cloud cover or inclement weather. The rain date will be Saturday May 26 at 8:30 PM. Please go to our Psalm 19 Astronomy Society group page on Facebook for updates. The group page will be updated 2 hours before the event.

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