The big Eclipse is coming! Just a little over 1 year away, get ready to talk about solar observing, outreach, equipment, safe observing and what’s going on in the solar community.

FREE to anyone who pre-registers, SolarFest is an astronomical event for Solar Observers, Solar Researchers and generally curious people to come and learn more about solar astronomy and safe solar observation.

  • Professional solar researchers will discuss current efforts and goals. – Amateur observers will share ideas on equipment, imaging and telescopes. – Astronomers will demonstrate solar observing with hands-on activities for all levels.
  • Daystar Filters will host visitors at their facility with special equipment demonstrations and facility tours.
  • Equipment vendors will be present to talk about current offerings.

Session A: Mon-Wed; Pro-Am Connection: Aug 22-24,
2016 Professional solar researchers discuss projects of interest in amateur solar astronomy and general interest.
Beginning to Advanced Solar Imaging presentations and workshops Pro-Am connection opportunities

Session B: Total Eclipse 2017 Forum: Aug 24, 2016
Today’s activities will be dedicated to issues specific to eclipse day, 2017.
Authors are on-hand to discuss current publications on the topic. Noted
Astro-photographers will discuss imaging techniques in time to plan for the event.
Hands-on workshops offer demonstrations on equipment, safe viewing methods and tools available for the general public.

Session C: Observing and Outreach Solar Star Party: Aug 24-27, 2016
Some of the country’s best outreach astronomers will participate in the first “Solar Star Party”. Enjoy equipment demonstrations from a broad range of varied solar telescopes and filters.
Hear how individuals are finding ways to succeed in solar astronomy outreach.
Hands-on workshops offer demonstrations on safe tools and viewing methods for the general public and the classroom.



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