Southern Utah’s Amazing Earthfest 2019 Moon & Star Party

Presented By: Creative Community

Contact: Rich Csenge Phone: 435-644-3735 Email:

Night Sky Viewing Event!


Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019

Time: 9:30 PM – 11:00 PM

Location: South end of Terrell Drive in Kanab.

Directions: Travel east from Kanab on US 89 and turn right at Kanab Furniture then left onto Chinle Drive. Go ¾ mile and turn right onto Terrell Drive. Go another ¾ mile passing a 4-way intersection then up the hill to a dead end. Walk into the roped-off, paved viewing area.

Description: Glowing, growing cities and towns across the world have diminished the treasures of the sky. Kanab, however, is a haven for the heavens! Who doesn’t relish the wonder of a deep star-filled sky? Bring the whole family and find out how to balance the primal experience of starry nights with the need for public safety and city lights. Witness the startling beauty of the moon and stars through astronomical quality telescopes provided by local residents. Learn how the City of Kanab is working to preserve your view of the stars!

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