Stellafane Convention

The 78th Convention of Amateur Telescope Makers on Breezy Hill in Springfield, Vermont, the 2013 Stellafane Convention, will be held Thursday through Sunday August 8-11, 2013.

Comet Tales: Our changing view of these Cosmic Vagabonds will be the keynote talk given by Guy Consolmago at the Saturday Evening Program. He studies the physics of meteorites and asteroids and serves as Curator of Meteorites at the Vatican Observatory. He is co-author of the popular sky guide Turn Left at Orion.

Other talks include:

A Hartness House Workshop on Solar Astronomy will be held on Thursday.

History and Design of the Porter Turret Telescope by Bert Willard, club historian and ATM museum curator.

Observing Double and Triple Stars by Glenn Chaple.

The Wonderful World of Wideangle Astroimaging by Al Takeda.

Make Your Own Observatory by Phil Harrington

Gigapixel Focal Plane for Ground Based Astronomy with Atmospheric Distortion

Correction by Berni Kosicki.

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